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Bathroom remodel
When it comes to bathrooms no body can challenge The Tile Specialist, we know bathrooms better than everybody else, starting from the first visit we will tell you exactly what is wrong with your bathroom (it's experience!!), then we work with you  to resolve the problem by remodeling the whole bathroom or just give it a facelift.
Building a shower pan and a soap holders has a technique or it will leak!!! The Tile Specialist has it all.
The Tile Specialist Services
At The Tile Specialist, you are dealing with a real installers  with 12 years and 20 years of experience knows all tile and hardwood techniques .that way we are specialize in all the followings.
hardwood and laminate
recently a 20 years hardwood expert joined our team, just the person we were looking for in years, even there was a lot of hardwood installers were around us but there quality wasn't our expectation, our expert is the repair and installation master.    
Kitchen Back Splash
The best thing you should do to your kitchen is a back splash, let The Tile Specialist look at it prior to installation, we have variety of ideas and designs, oh hands up kitchen floor also best thing to be tiled, dish washer or ice maker leaks will damage wood and linoleum. 
Kitchen and Basement
Our favorites and they should be tiled, such a big floors allowed our thoughts and your thoughts to turn those floors to enjoyable leaving spaces. 
Free Estimate
We believe that estimate is a job interview no one should get paid for it, right?